Environmental Policy

What we’re doing for the planet

Aims and objectives

From January 2022, fluffyegg pledges to be carbon-positive and offset 200% of our environmental impact arising from the following activities:

  • Staff travel to/from work and to client meetings
  • Electricity use for all fluffyegg equipment
  • Office heating
  • Deliveries to the office
  • Server electricity use

We believe that, rather than just offsetting what we consume, we should go further and be entirely climate-positive by at least twice our consumption.

How we achieve those aims

We regularly review the actions we’re taking to achieve our aims. The actions we’ve identified are:

  • Operate a flexi-working scheme whereby staff can work from home up to 60% of the week
  • Ensure staff journeys are logged and offset through Ecologi
  • Contribute twice the office consumption by offsetting through Ecologi
  • Offer an all-electric company car scheme
  • Encourage a digital-first approach with printing only where absolutely necessary
  • Change all office lighting to low-energy bulbs
  • Lower office temperatures from 21 to 20 degrees
  • Ensure all technology and equipment is as efficient as it can be (i.e. ARM/Apple Silicon instead of X86 where possible)
  • Every time we onboard a new client, we will plant 10 trees through Ecologi
  • Operate an ‘upgrade rather than replace’ approach to technology, where possible
  • Minimise e-waste