Email Settings

How to set up fluffyegg email


You can access our webmail service at any time at (or use our latest beta system here). If you’re experiencing email problems, we recommend you try logging in here first to check your details are correct.

Settings for devices

If you’d like to set up your email on your devices (computer, tablet, phone, etc.), please use the settings listed below. The exact steps required vary from device to device but you will be asked for the following information.

Please note: We operate a strict security policy to avoid hack attempts and malicious logins. If your device attempts to login three times with the incorrect settings, all devices on your network will be banned from accessing the email accounts for 1 hour. If no further failed login attempts have been made during this time, the ban will lift. It is therefore very important that you enter the information accurately.

Incoming (IMAP)

Incoming Server Type: IMAP
Incoming Server/Host:
Incoming Encryption: STARTTLS / TLS
Incoming Port: 143
Incoming Username: full email address
Incoming Password: as supplied

Outgoing (SMTP)

Outgoing Server Type: SMTP
Outgoing Server/Host:
Outgoing Encryption: STARTTLS / TLS
Outgoing Port: 587
Outgoing Username: full email address
Outgoing Password: as supplied

Certain Apple devices may ask if you’d rather use SSL – you can choose ‘Yes’ to this option.